Nvotová after a severe embolism and Covide: The problems do not go away


Dorota Nvotová (39) survived hell in November. In Nepal, she actually escaped a gravedigger from a shovel when she suffered a pulmonary embolism in her sleep. She not too long ago contracted a covidom and is now struggling the implications.

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The Nvot household was on needles two months in the past. Dorota had a horrible time in Nepal, the place she had flown away since she was doing enterprise in tourism. She fought for her life within the hospital. She additionally needed to give up smoking daily. When she recovered, she loved Christmas and shortly afterwards “caught” the tougher course of covid. And after that, he struggles with the implications. “I’ve music, who has extra? I’ve live shows, I’ve actual followers, whom I see and hear singing beneath the stage. Now it is completely different. I am unable to see you, I am unable to hear you. “ Nvotová thought on the social community. “I am unable to hear myself, I will not breathe a phrase of singing from the embolism. Now it is going to most likely be even worse with the covid. I’ll work on myself in order that when the live performance halls open, I can stand in them boldly and confidently, “ she added hopefully.


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