Patras accused Felix’s ex-wife: There was a sect


Dagmar Patrasová, Felix Slováček and his ex Lucie Gelemová.

It was not simple for Dada Patras, 65, guilty her husband, who had publicly humiliated her for seven years in her relationship with painter Lucia Gelem. But ultimately, she took Felix Slováček (78) at her mercy, as a result of in response to her, she had a sect in every part.

The Queen of Children’s Hearts and the saxophonist have been re-pairing since December. “We by no means broke up, we’re nonetheless married, and Felix by no means moved out of our home.” Dada stated, not simply. “But it took a number of weeks for Felix to guarantee me that he was out of the insanity. There was sect and peculiar magic in it, it wasn’t like he was falling in love with an alleged mistress. I take it he was loopy and could not get out of it. “ revealed to the Czech every day Aha! Patrasová, who accompanied her husband to the municipal home, the place the opening of the artist Roman Řehák befell.

Gelem showed more than she wanted.

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While the actress talked to her pals and gave smiles to all events, Felix had a musical efficiency. When he completed, he instantly joined the lady, and after a whereas they went house collectively. The musician will not be solely again of their home, however the door to Dad’s bed room has additionally opened. “We have separate bedrooms for years. However, my husband visits mine once more recurrently and fairly often. “ confided Patras with a smile.

Dada Patrasová fired Petr Janda from the celebration because she allegedly covered Felix Slováček's infidelity.

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