PRVÉ FOTO Taťány Kuchařovej po KRACHU manželstva s Ondřejom


Ondřej Brzobohatý and Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá

For about two weeks, nothing has been heard about mannequin Taťána Brzobohatý since her breakup. Only now have the photographers of the Czech Blesk catch her on the road in entrance of her condo. But they hardly knew her. She was sporting a hat and, regardless of the wet climate, she was sporting sun shades.

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Even although thorough camouflage it was unimaginable to not discover how Brzobohatá’s breakup was signed beneath her torn face. And primarily humiliation by Miss World 2006, acquired from Ondřej. She regarded barely swollen. The magnificence and previously probably the most lovely lady on the planet would solely be in her barely acknowledged.

Taťána Brzobohatá and her husband Ondřej, when it still worked out for them.

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“It is, after all, an excellent disappointment for me in a person whom I trusted and deliberate to increase my household with, and with whom I renewed the wedding vow that my husband had ready for me as a shock for our fifth wedding ceremony anniversary on June 30, 2021,” the dissatisfied spouse of a number one actor and musician confided within the first response after Blesk revealed Ondřej’s secret date with the dancer Zuzana Pilná (30) and spent the evening collectively in his condo in Prague’s Mala Strana.

The marriage of the Brzobohaty is definitely coming to an end.

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