SERIOUS illness in Slovakia: The symptoms are similar to covid!


The preliminary symptoms are similar to coronavirus, however the PCR take a look at will determine on the ultimate end result. The so-called soiled hand illness has unfold in Slovakia.

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Serious intestinal an infection has unfold particularly in northeastern Slovakia. The information portal TV Markíza knowledgeable about it An elevated incidence of hospitalized sufferers was recorded in the Svidnice hospital, the place the illness already affected employees members.

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The head of the WHO put it bluntly: The OMIKRON variant is very harmful for THESE folks!

According to the deputy director of the Svidnice hospital, Martin Pytliak, the symptoms of intestinal virosis are manifested primarily by vomiting and typically diarrhea. In addition, the affected person could also be affected by fever, chills or chills. “Clinical symptoms normally final 24 to 48 hours,Pytliak specified.

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ONLINE New examine on OMIKRONE: Results are SURPRISING, will it actually be THAT?

The an infection is transmitted primarily by soiled fingers or contaminated meals.

However, many individuals are confused by the an infection, as its symptoms could also be similar to these of the coronavirus. The definitive PCR take a look at will decide whether or not covid-19 is mostly a illness.

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