She sang to us beautifully with them


The kind-hearted Liptáček and a well known folklorist (she additionally sings from the present Zem) all the time has a full home. She feeds small or giant hungry folks with conventional delicacies that her mom as soon as taught her. And there are already rumors about her carnival cones. We additionally tasted them and licked all our fingers. Be positive to strive them!

Paluška cones with apricot jam

Be sure to bake the palm cones!

Be positive to bake the palm cones!

Source: Good meals / Peter Šimončík


You want:

250 g particular flour particular 250 g plain flour1 natural lemon zest200 ml milk25 g granulated sugar20 g yeast25 g butter1 tablespoon oil2 egg yolks2 spoons chunks salt4 toothpicks roasting apricot jam and powdered sugar for adornment


Sift the flour and let it warmth up in a heat place. Then finely grate the lemon zest into it. In a bowl with lukewarm milk and slightly sugar, combine the yeast. Melt the butter, add a tablespoon of oil and step by step add the yolks, rum, the remaining sugar and a pinch of salt. Whisk gently. Finally, add the yeast and yolk combination to the flour and make a comfortable dough. Leave to leaven in a heat place. Lightly roll out the leavened dough on a floured board to a thickness of about 1.5 cm. Using a mould or cup, lower out the cones from it and place them on a floured board. Mark the holes in them with your finger or the opposite facet of the pitchfork, cowl them with a serviette and let them acidify. Fry the cones in crimson oil on either side. Put jam within the wells with a spoon and dirt them with sugar earlier than serving.

Good recommendation: Try Paluška’s feint! Put the toothpicks within the sizzling oil first after which fry the cones in it. They is not going to burn and the cones can be stunning golden crimson.

Also bake PARADE CONE, a well known baker, Eva Paulovičová’s Good Food. RECIPE on the following web page …

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