The week in whoppers: Pelosi’s lame Biden-praise, Harris’ hypocrisy and more


This letter:

“Thank you for your bold vision and patriotic leadership which have guided America out of crisis and into an era of great progress.”

– Nancy Pelosi, in a letter to President Biden, Jan. 7

We say: Sure, Speaker Nancy Pelosi must help, even reward, the chief of her social gathering and construct up his dismal picture for the general public. But Americans know Biden has completed exactly the alternative of what Pelosi credit him with: Only 33 % of voters approve of Biden’s job efficiency, in response to a brand new Quinnipiac ballot.

This headline:

An article in CNN claimed that Canadians are worried about the end of democracy in the United States.
A CNN column claimed that Canadians are frightened concerning the finish of democracy in the United States.
NY Post composite / istock/ Gett

We say: Well, that settles it: If Canadians concern the upcoming finish of US democracy, then doomsday certainly is nigh; brace for a “right-wing dictatorship” by 2030, as the piece warns. What utter nonsense! Now, Americans prefer to poke pleasant enjoyable at their neighbors to the north, however don’t slam them for this: The author, Dean Obeidallah, cites solely two loony, attention-seeking Canadian “analysts,” with one warning his countrymen are “unprepared” for the looming apocalypse to the south. Hello? If they don’t find out about it, how can they “fear” it?

Spot the distinction:

We say: Looks just like the veep was for the filibuster (i.e., when it suited her wants) earlier than she was in opposition to it (i.e., when it didn’t).

This story:

A writer for "The Nation" claimed that teachers are being "scapegoated" in the COVID-19 pandemic.
A author for “The Nation” claimed that academics are being “scapegoated” in the COVID-19 pandemic.
NY Post composite / istock/ Gett

We say: Sorry, however academics are hardly being “scapegoated”: The lives of America’s college students, and their households, have been turned the other way up in the course of the pandemic, not a lot due to COVID however as a result of many academics, and their unions, have bucked science — which reveals little threat of virus unfold in courses — and efficiently pushed for college closures and loopy testing guidelines. They’ve additionally insisted on educating divisive vital race idea, regardless of dad and mom’ opposition (even whereas denying it). Parents are proper to be livid.

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