‘Things like this should not go extinct’: Preserving the art of making Sarawak rice wine



Tuak is deeply rooted in the Dayak group for conventional ceremonies, celebrations, and festive seasons equivalent to Gawai.    

With components equivalent to native ginger, yeast, glutinous rice, and sugar, tuak takes about one month to make, ranging from the of fermentation rice. 

Ginger and the ragi yeast are procured domestically, the latter of which is shipped over by Chia’s aunt in Bintulu.

Cooked rice and pounded yeast are left to ferment for one to 2 weeks in the containers.

Chia mentioned that out of custom, Margaret by no means opens the lid of the plastic container to verify on the fermentation course of.

“There is a superstition in our family that when we brew tuak, we should not lift the lid to check the fermentation because you might jinx the process,” she mentioned.

Source: CNA

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