Tilian Pearson leaving Dance Gavin Dance Band Amid Shocking Allegations

Following current sexual misconduct claims, Dance Gavin Dance introduced on Friday (June 3) that vocalist Tilian Pearson will probably be leaving the rock band to “seek professional help.”

“We take the latest claims against Tilian extremely seriously, and we have been in deep conversation over the right action,” mentioned the assertion posted to Instagram. “Tilian will be breaking away from the band as of right now in order to seek professional help.”

Tilian allegedly struck her throughout the face and refused to simply accept the ‘boundaries’ she had established, in line with the Reddit person. “Was comfortable enough now to finish what I started,” the person defined, “but at one point this dude had decided to straight up hit me across the face.” Following this, two extra folks on Reddit got here ahead with their very own accounts, alleging the 34-year-old essential vocalist of Dance Gavin Dance.

Tilian Pearson solutions to the fees of sexual misconduct

During her sexual encounter with Tilian Pearson, one Reddit member mentioned she ‘numbed out.’ She went on to say that the singer didn’t respect the barrier “Was it pleasurable? Certainly not. I became numb. I was terrified of what would happen if I had fought back harder.” The Reddit person went on to say that when she questioned Tilian concerning the incident the following day, he didn’t reply since it will “implicate him.”

Surprisingly, Tilian Pearson selected to answer to those purported sexual misconduct allegations. Previously, he revealed a press release denying that any occasion was violent. According to ‘Loudwire,’ he mentioned, “I take the issue of sexual assault very seriously, and I want to be clear that nothing happened without my consent at any point. I appreciate that there is a period of getting to know each other’s preferences in a new sexual relationship, but there is no doubt that our physical contact ever exceeded the line into assault.”

What really occurred?

On June 1, a Reddit person documented her claimed interactions with Pearson within the weeks previous as much as Dance Gavin Dance’s April 23 efficiency at SwanFest in Sacramento, Calif. The girl alleges she reached out to Pearson by way of Instagram DM, which she wrote whereas “clearly under the influence of something.”

According to her narrative, the 2 exchanged numbers and agreed to satisfy for a “date” three days earlier than the competition. She mentioned that she and Pearson had been each inebriated after they returned to the singer’s dwelling.

“I knew he was quite drunk and going through a tough moment, so I offered to help him out, and I was sincerely grateful.” “I felt comfortable enough now to finish what I had started, but this man had decided to slap me across the face at one point,” she claimed. “Obviously, it was meant to be seductive, but it ended up hurting a lot.” I mentioned one thing alongside the traces of, ‘Hey, um. That’s fantastic, however may you simply ask once more subsequent time, and perhaps don’t make it so troublesome?’ He heard me, paused for a second, after which repeated the motion. It was exhausting sufficient that it threw my listening to out of whack and triggered me to black out for a number of seconds.

The lady claimed she and Pearson stayed in communication after SwanFest, and that at one time, the singer pushed her to satisfy him at his AirBnB whereas he was inebriated. Pearson then allegedly made the lady bodily uncomfortable.

Pearson rejected the allegations in a Reddit submit obtained by Loudwire, stating he was “extremely vulnerable” in the course of the alleged encounter and that “every sexual act was totally consenting.”

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