Tóth fought in Milan: OTHERS the past has hurt


When details about one another leaked earlier this week Tóth and Milana, the minister didn’t deny something. She confirmed that they have been in contact as colleagues from 2012 to 2016. They cooperated in the undertaking of the 99% celebration, which tried unsuccessfully to get into parliament. The talked about communication involved the enhancing of texts and blogs that Milanová wrote. Tóth, as a former journalist, willingly suggested and helped his buddy. “I had no thought his connections to Marian Kočner (58),” refuted in response to leaked experiences with Toth, who had been secretly working for a convicted businessman for years. The minister careworn a number of occasions that every thing had occurred earlier than she entered the massive politics.


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ŠOK Minister Milanová was supposed to speak with TÓTH: SPICY DETAILS from alleged experiences!

Several politicians instantly started to react to the entire case, however most of them supported their colleagues. Jaroslav Naď (40), Minister of Defense and member of the OĽaNO presidency, supported her assist: “She has my confidence. She gave me no cause to doubt her sincerity. “ Igor Matovič, whom Milanová referred to as šašom in a joint communication with Tóth, has not but commented on the scenario.

In the past, nevertheless, as an opposition politician, he himself insisted that everybody from Smer who had been in contact with Kočner, his heron Alena Zsuzsová (47) and different poisonous individuals resigned. He referred to as on former Deputy Speaker Martin Glváč (54) in January 2019 to finish his alleged communication with Zsuzs. The entire of Slovakia might then learn that the brunette from Komárno deserved caressing and caring. In October 2019, nevertheless, Matovič pulled out one other Glváč communication, this time immediately with Kočner from 2016. “Even if the communication is genuine, I do not see a single poisonous factor there.” Glváč stated, including that the communication with the convict at this time happened otherwise than it was publicized. However, he resigned on November 7 on the grounds that he wished Smer to succeed in the subsequent election.

Zsuzsová and Kočner boiled several of our politicians.

Zsuzsová and Kočner boiled a number of of our legislators.

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Manager Václav Mika (58) inflicted even quicker political accountability. Just a few days after saying that he would run for SaS in the 2020 elections, his compromising picture with Kočner was launched to the public. “It was at an occasion that I attended as CEO of Radio Express. The supervisor of Adriana Sklenaříková (50) invited me there, “ Mika defined, including that his relationship with Kočner was additionally indicated by the undeniable fact that he had testified towards him in the case of a invoice of alternate. However, 4 days after the announcement that he would go to the polls, the supervisor resigned from the candidate: “I felt intrigue alone. That is why I made a free and accountable resolution. “

Liberal leader Richard Sulík.

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WE KNOW THE FIRST Sulík will current different names from the candidate. There shall be THIS trio amongst them

Mika might have discovered from the mistake of SaS boss Richard Sulík (54), who was and maybe ceaselessly his conferences with Kočner from 2010 shall be thrown out. Among different issues, they talked about the election of the Attorney General. “The solely factor I wished to search out out was who the traitors in the coalition have been. I attempted to get this info, but it surely turned out that as an secret agent I’d not make a profession. “ Sulík stated a number of occasions. The head of the Liberals lastly managed the case, however in the 2012 election, his scandal considerably affected the celebration.

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