Vémola and Lela broke up a MONTH after the birth of their son:


They welcomed their son Rocky into the world after their daughter Lili. The birth was difficult by the undeniable fact that Lela gave birth contaminated with a coronavirus, which was additionally given to Carlos and Lili.

Rocky was born simply days after his older sister Lili’s birthday (2). Lela gave birth by caesarean part. “The physician advised us it will be on December 2nd, however I spoke to him, let it’s the first,He advised the Czech Blesk shortly earlier than the birth of Vémol.

They barely functioned as a household of 4 for a month, now got here a big shock. The wrestler on Instagram introduced that there was a particular finish between him and the mom of his youngsters. “I discovered he had an affair with one other man, “ mentioned about Lele in a Instagram video. “It’s disgusting in itself, not solely is it 6 weeks postpartum, it is worse that he was a good pal of mine.” shocked Carlos. He needed to catch them in his home.

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