Your shopper Miroslav Výboh is accused of a very severe act of accepting a bribe. However, he advised the media that he was harmless. Why then does not he seem for questioning? Looks like he is hiding.

– He’s not hiding. Let’s face it. Every legal case begins with the supply of a cost. To date, our shopper has not obtained this decision. It was delivered solely to us attorneys. The sequel was that the prosecutor proposed the issuance of a global arrest warrant. And one in all the foremost causes was that he was hiding. Well, our shopper, Mr. Výboh, has had a everlasting residence in Monaco for greater than 10 years. Here at the Ministry of the Interior you’ve the Regob system, the place there may be data on the place, who lives and there it’s written that he has not lived in Zvolen for a very long time, lives in Monaco. He has additionally had a short lived keep in Dubai for five years. If you organized the short-term keep now throughout the holidays, I’ll say okay, I assume you organized it to cover there. But he has lived overseas for a few years and it’s actually not the case that he purposefully avoids Slovakia.

I’ll return to that decision on the indictment. You filed a criticism as a result of the shopper nonetheless didn’t obtain a cost. However, is it not the case that if you end up approved to signify it, it’s thought-about to be delivered the second you’re taking it over?

– It works in a scenario the place you’ve a prosecution towards the misplaced. In our case, the entire sitting was launched as customary, and a decision was issued. And this decision, each in accordance with the Slovak Criminal Procedure Code and the European Convention, has a particular accused’s proper to see and know what he’s accused of and to have the alternative to touch upon his accusation. He has the proper to have it delivered to his handle of residence. But it wasn’t till a month after the first cost was issued that we realized from Attorney Rep that the proceedings had turned out to be misplaced and that it was solely delivered to us. But these weeks earlier than, it had been delivered to the accused.


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PHOTO Internationally wished oligarch Výboh laughing in entrance of the lens! AHA, the place he appeared!

In addition to complaining about the non-delivery of the indictment, you additionally complained that some issues had been lacking from the file. What?

– We have requested for the examine of the file to be postponed as a result of there isn’t any determination on the criticism. We didn’t even obtain a response to this request. Colleagues studied the file, however didn’t discover a determination there, and the investigator confirmed that she didn’t have it. We had been fully shocked. We as advocates have some procedural rights, as do our shopper, Mr. Výboh. And take into account that we studied the file, they closed it, and we realized from Diary N 4 days later that an indictment had been filed. We felt like fools.

Of course, you’re a lawyer, you’ll stand by your shopper.

– Of course. But what occurred to me right here in Slovakia in the case of Mr. Výboh is no surprise.

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